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CANBus Racing Hub: The Pinnacle of Customizable Racing Technology

Product Overview:

Zestek’s CANBus Racing Hub stands as a paragon of innovation in the competitive racing technology market. Designed to accommodate the multifaceted needs of professional racing teams, this hub serves as the central command for a vehicle’s CANBus systems, offering unparalleled control and customization.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Universal CANBus Support: The hub is engineered to support any CANBus protocol, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of racing vehicles.

  • Programmable and Lockable Buttons: Flexibility meets function with buttons that can be customized for various actions and locked to prevent accidental presses, maintaining configurations even after a reboot.

  • Desktop Software Interface: It comes with user-friendly software, allowing racers to program and adjust settings from the comfort of their desktop.

  • Advanced Data Visualization: The RPM indicator is integrated with data mapping for a visual representation of the engine’s performance, aiding in precise driving decisions.

  • Aesthetic Customization with RGB Lighting: Offering 16 million color options, the hub’s RGB lighting can be adjusted to match team colors or driver preferences, adding a personalized touch to the cockpit.

  • Multi-Functional Knobs: The dual digital gear knobs can output 16 different CAN digital positions or provide analog voltage outputs, giving drivers extensive control over their vehicle's performance.

  • Adaptable Communication Rates: The hub can switch CAN bitrates from 125K to 1000K, ensuring smooth data transfer for different vehicular systems.

  • Dual Interface Options: Connect through quick release wiring for a swift setup or the robust DH13 aviation connector for a more permanent installation.

  • Real-Time Feedback: Feedback-enabled buttons receive direct status updates from the ECU, giving drivers live insights into engine performance and vehicle status.


Zestek’s CANBus Racing Hub is crafted not just for command but for interaction, response, and adaptability. It extends beyond traditional steering wheel inputs, providing a tactile and responsive interface that enhances a driver's ability to respond to dynamic racing conditions.


Expected to ship by the end of June
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