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Professional Racing Electronic CanBus Control System

Supporting any Standalone ECU

Win every race

can in out.png

Supports any CANBus format

can rpm.png
can rpm.png

RPM Indicator with Data Mapping

can 12.png

Programmable and Lockable Buttons

16 Million Color RGB Lighting

User-Friendly Desktop Software

Knobs with Analog Voltage Output via CAN

Maintains Button Lock State upon Reboot

Supports arbitrary rate switching

DSC01964 1.jpg

Dual CAN Interfaces

can be connected via quick-release wiring
or through the DH13 aviation connector

You can edit the CAN bitrate, ranging from 125K to 1000K, to adapt to different needs

canxuanniu 1.jpg

Dual digital gear knobs

Customizable with 16 CAN digital output
position outputs or CAN analog 0-5V output

Feedback-enabled buttons

Each button can receive status feedback from the ECU via CAN, allowing you to monitor the engine status in real-time

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